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Ace Stream: football matches in streaming for free in HD

Football on our national sport, and keeps us glued to the screens with the championship matches of all categories, with those of Champions and Europa League, and with those of foreign leagues.

Unfortunately in many countries and in our very difficult to follow all the football with a single subscription, and rarely the matches are sent in the clear.

In order to get around the problem of multi subscription, many people threw themselves first on public IPTV lists and then on dangerous private IPTV lists. The former offer s, sometimes, even sports channels but they are unstable and collapse during competitions with a greater audience, the latter they are reliable but using them is a serious crime.

The preferred solution by pirates to enjoy games without unstitching a penny, often with good quality and without lag and buffering Ace Stream. It is a torrent-based protocol designed for streaming. Being based on torrents with the increase of connected users, streaming improves and becomes more fluid and stable, instead of collapsing as happens with IPTV.

Here is a brief index, of what we will cover in this article:

  1. Legal Ace Stream and what is at risk?
  2. How does Ace Stream work?
  3. Ace Stream on Android
  4. See Ace Stream on Mac
  5. The best link sources for Ace Stream streams

Using legal Ace Stream and what is at risk?

Use Ace Stream to watch the races a serious crime, we do not advise you to follow pirates. Rather than opting for the interesting new DAZN service, for Sky (now also on digital terrestrial) or for NowTV.

Furthermore Ace Stream, being technically based on the torrent protocol, it suffers from its own limitations and flaws. It displays the IP addresses (and therefore the identity of all users). For these reasons, all the international sites that talk about it and some sites that offer game streaming, recommend using a good no logs referenced VPN service, such as IPVanish and Hidester.

A good VPN service for Ace Stream must have the same characteristics as a good torrent service, we invite you to consult the dedicated article.

How does Ace Stream work?

Ace Stream was released in 2013 after starting its life as a pilot project called TorrentStream. The previous name says a lot about the nature of the protocol, created to allow free and distributed video streaming.

Use Ace Stream and then see the video streams particularly simple, just have the official client (which consists of a modified version of VLC).

acestream see

The client officially available only for Windows and Android. After installing it, just click on the link of a stream to load it and then start.

Regarding the links, below we have dedicated a special paragraph to the best sources.

Ace Stream on Android: installation and use

On Android, where an official client is available, the operation of the app is slightly different. Here is the reason for this dedicated paragraph, to see the Ace stream also on this platform, just:

  • install the official lapp clientAce Stream Media(also known asAce Engine), which is located at this address on the Play Store;
  • install a good video player, I find MXPlayer better than VLC;
  • find a link to the game flow press and start the pre-buffering;

Ace Stream on Android

  • once completed, a dialog will open asking you which player to use (choose the one you installed in the previous point);
  • at this point you can enjoy streaming.

At the moment Ace Stream also works without logging in, if problems should arise you can simply log in with your Google account. Anyhow a completely free app.

If you want to watch the games streamed also via the mobile network, and not only via WiFi, you must activate the appropriate option in the settings. It takes just a few simple steps:

  • open the Ace Stream Media app;
  • in the main screen, press the icon with three dots located at the top right;
  • choose the item Settings, and then tick the item Mobile network data access.

We recommend enabling this option only if you have a rate with many GB of data included.

Ace Stream Media is one of the methods that is most often used by pirates on Android TV boxes, to watch the races in HD directly and easily on their TV.

Ace Stream on Mac

As we said above the Acestream client officially available only for Windows and Android. Fortunately, there is also an easy, quick and reliable way to use these convenient flows on the Apple system.

Ace Stream on Mac with Soda Player

It's about Soda Player a convenient free video playback application perfectly compatible with Ace Stream.

Soda Player born to allow a good reproduction of streaming content on a torrent network, not only games but also films, series and videos in general. The application also available for Windows and on both platforms supports casting to Chromecast and Apple TV.

The simple installation is enough to download the executable and perform the canonical procedure.

The best link sources for Ace Stream streams

Here is the list of those universally they are considered the best sites to find P2P streams to watch games and sports events (such as F1 races and Moto GP). Portals are often blocked and the most practical method to reach them is to search for their name on Google.

The best known are:

  • ArenaVision
  • LiveTV
  • Livefootballol
  • Avezy Sport
  • Rojadirecta

In the last year, sometimes even streams with Italian commentary have appeared.

If the sites are not reachable, it is advisable to change the DNS and have the best international DNS servers (i.e. those of Google CloudFlaree).

Our in-depth analysis on Acestream has ended, we continue to recommend that you avoid being pirates because it is illegal and dangerous, as well as having excellent services such as DAZN and NowTV.