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With NuPower ViDEO + the iPod lasts longer

The batteries of the iPod cannot be changed: once you have purchased your player, the only way to replace the battery will be to replace the iPod. Nor can they always be recharged, since the Apple player only comes with a USB cable. If you then buy a power adapter, you will have to run in search of some power outlet, as long as there is hope of finding it

So? Then it would be better to buy an extensive battery, capable of increasing the energy duration. Among these, Newertech's NuPower ViDEO + stands out, a lithium polymer battery that, connected to an iPod video, brings 80 hours of listening and 16 hours of viewing, almost tripling the normal autonomy of the Apple device.

The iPod 5G fits onto the battery through the dock socket; weighing only 110 grams, the NuPower VIDEO + implements an additional pin dock (to be able to use other compatible accessories), a support base and a removable side clip, to hook the iPod connected to the NuPower VIDEO + to the belt.

To recharge the NuPower VIDEO + just use the iPod charging cable: the accessory will be ready again in about 3 hours.

The Newertech gadget is already on sale at a price of 49.99 Dollars. In Italy Newertech products are distributed by Applepeelz