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WinAmp on Mac

According to Appleinsider, WinAmp, the most popular MP3 playback software for Windows, is also about to arrive on the Macintosh.

The application of the American Nullsoft in recent years has really depopulated in the PC environment, to the point of being able to find it on the desktop of almost every Wintel user, as a standard MP3 player.

Some of you may object that for Mac, in addition to being really powerful applications such as SoundJam by Casady & Greene, long ago there was also a program called MacAmp, ideal version for the apple platform of the well-known player for Windows, also from the interface clean and very functional graphics.

In fact, for the first, SoundJam, technology and programmers were purchased from Apple as a solid foundation for its iTunes (although there has never been officially confirmed by any press release) and therefore we will never know if Casady & Greene software there is a version later than the current 2.5.2 (with a great deal of regret from the writer …)

The second, besides being renamed MacAst, has not been updated since the spring of last year. It also appears that Dmitry Boldyrev, creator of MacAst, is the manager and curator of the porting of WinAmp for Mac.

All the work seems to have started last year and the code should have entered the golden master these days. If everything goes according to plan, according to Appleinsider, the new software should see the light in about one / two weeks at the same cost as the PC version, for free.

(By Enrico Querci)