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WhatsApp: beware of account theft via SMS. How to defend yourself

Whatsapp it is the most popular instant messaging application and, as such, it is also the most exposed to the attention of hackers. After talking about the discovery of the bug that, if exploited properly, could have knocked out the app, is the Postal Police to shed light on the phenomenon of account theft via SMS, providing some advice to defend yourself.

To activate the WhatsApp client on your smartphone, you need to enter the verification code which is sent by the service managers via SMS. The authorities found that i cybercriminals deliver an SMS to the victim, apparently from one of his contacts stored in the phone book, in which you are asked to send the code.

Getting hold of the verification code allows the attacker to activate a new WhatsApp account on a different smartphone, but related to the victim's phone number, which is thus expelled from use. The remedies, fortunately, are simple enough to put into practice, given that the account subtraction occurs as a result of specific actions carried out by the deceived victim.