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What is, the game that appears in House of Cards

was the most searched game on Google in 2015: the House of Cards team could not miss it (Spoiler of the ninth episode of the fourth season)

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THE ARTICLE CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS OF THE NINTH EPISODE OF THE FOURTH SEASON OF HOUSE OF CARDS was the most searched game on Google in 2015 and one of the obsessions of the past summer. This is why it is not surprising that the writers of House of Cards, who had already shown themselves attentive to this issue in the past, included in the fourth season.


In the ninth episode, Frank Underwood has a private meeting with Republican challenger Will Conway. One topic leads to another and, flying over any kind of spoiler, the two end up playing on the Republican's smartphone (the latest model of Samsung, for the record. In case you are interested in the product placement of the series we recommend to read this article).

As Conway explains to the president, from small spheres that you are, you must try to become bigger and bigger, escaping from the cells bigger than you. "A bit like the election campaign to become president of the United States", Answers Frank Underwood.

Sam Smith, community manager of the company that created, explained how the game entered the series: "We received a call from House of Cards production cos, out of the blue. They already knew about the game and wanted to include it in the TV series, and of course we are happy to be a part of it. We worked closely with the House of Cards team, making a special configuration of the game so that it better suited the hoc universe better".


Sam Smith continues: "When we learned that House of Cards wanted to put the game on the show we were blown away. has become incredibly popular since we launched it last year and this latest news turns it into a cultural phenomenon. The game enters a prestigious club of titles that have already been played by Frank Underwood: we hope this will lead to a lot of new fans discovering, who will join the millions around the world who already play the game and love it.".

You just have to wait and see how much the appearance will benefit the game. Last year, when Monument Valley appeared in an episode of the third season, app downloads soared. On, of course, they hope.


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