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Vodafone Germany says yes to the iPhone

Vodafone Germany says yes to iPhone | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The German branch of Vodafone sees iPhone as an interesting product for its strategies in the field of data traffic. The positive opinion from the cell phone company towards the Apple product contained in an interview given by Friedrich Joussen, managing director of the German branch of Vodafone.

Joussen, speaking to the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel in the context of an interview focused on UMTS and the costs of the calls and on the need to attack the landline market, rejected the interviewer's suggested concept that iPhone could be a problem for telecommunications companies . 'It is not a competitor,' said Joussen, 'instead a tool that will favor the concept that a cell phone is not just a phone. We see favorably the fact that someone enters this sector with a high quality product. This is confirmation with UMTS and incentives for multimedia are going in the right direction "

Joussen's claim is seen by some observers as confirming Vodafone's interest in the Apple phone and rumors that in the past have brought the multinational telephony company to Cupertino's strategies in Europe, at least as regards the marketing of iPhone.

In reality, at least by assessing the context and relevance of the figure at the center of the interview, everything must be taken with a minimum of caution. Joussen, although head of the branch of an important country like Germany, does not represent the world leaders of Vodafone and his statements came on the sidelines of a much wider speech where the positive opinion on the iPhone was aimed at supporting the goodness of a strategy already in place and could therefore be completely disconnected from a perspective of alliance with Cupertino.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that this is not the first time that a Vodafone manager has expressed great interest in the iPhone. Secondly, the mobile telephone company with its pan European network (present in practically all the countries of the old continent) seems to be the most suitable partner for a company looking for an exclusive distributor on the market of the old continent.

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