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Truecaller will tell you if whoever you want to call is busy

Intelligent identification of numbers and "free" or "busy" icon next to the users name: updating the application integrates the functions of Truedialer


Sometimes being observed can come in handy. The call identification service Truecaller has updated its app Android with a number of new features, including the ability to find out which, among the user's contacts, available to receive calls. It is, in fact, the integration of another standalone product of the company, Truedialer.

The option works on the one hand by checking the calendar, to understand if you are engaged in some appointment or not, and on the other that you have not already engaged in other calls (bye bye call waiting). After that, next to the user name icon of free or busy.

Clearly, this only works if both people have activated it TrueCaller.

Another new app ability to identify people based on the history of your calls, even if the contact is not registered in the address book. A series of mechanisms that reminds Hello of Facebok.

The update is expected to reach all Android users within the next few weeks. Who is already a Truedialer user, in the course of the next weeks will be automatically directed to the new app.


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