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The most hidden news of Titanium

The most hidden novelties of Titanium | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Titanium introduces a series of improvements, large and small, which at first glance are not captured, yet they are and are also important. First of all, the new laptop is equipped with a new "energy saving" control that introduces the novelty of the PowerStep, a technology that allows you to work saving battery significantly thanks to the 100 Mhz reduction in processor speed; with the active Powerstep, a 400 Mhz will work at 300 Mhz, while the 500 Mhz will go to 400 Mhz, in this way, when we do not need maximum performance, we will be able to increase the operating life of the machine with the battery supplied. Since the machine is equipped with only one slot for the battery, it will be possible to replace the latter with a spare one even with the machine on, in order to perform the replacement operation within a minute.

Another novelty is the ethernet port: thanks to an implemented technology, it will no longer be necessary to have a crossover cable to connect to another machine directly and bypassing the hub, the ethernet port will understand by itself when to work in crossover and when instead to work normally Still careful in purchasing the Ram, the new machines only accept 1.5 ? low profile ram modules, while the 2 ? modules cannot be used in any of the two slots with which the machine is equipped.

The more curious can download the manual in PDF format at the address below.

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