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The fall of the Gods

The fall of the gods | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Clouded by the Titanium case and excited by the presentation of the new Motorola G4, many have forgotten to put in the right evidence what one of the most important news of the Expo: the debut of Nvidia on the Mac platform. And to say that the event of historical significance for our universe. For years, 3D acceleration, after being in full control of Ati. The Canadian giant supplies, but it would now be better to say it supplied, exclusively both the desktop and laptop sectors. The choice to rely on Ati, initially correct because in exchange for guarantees on supplies, it guaranteed the platform the parallel development of cards with the PC world, with the arrival on the market of other more aggressive competitors was perceived by Mac users as increasingly suffocating for ATI's difficulties in keeping up with performance with the products of other realities. The case of the Rage 128 discreet products but kept alive for 24 months, an abnormal time for an exemplary 3D accelerator. The tormented story of relationships between Apple and ATI reached a turning point last July. Shortly before the Expo, the Canadian company's PR revealed some of the characteristics of the Cube ahead of time. At that moment a furious Jobs (so furious to chase the ATI representatives who were to present the Radeons from the backstage of the stage) and already looking for a solution to boost the 3D acceleration decided that the time had really come to change. choice, as Macity readers well know, fell on Nvidia, then the most dynamic of the companies that deal with 3D, today also the main protagonist of the market after the absorption of 3Dfx. With Nvidia the discussion had been open for some time. For months he had openly declared his interest in the platform. The entry into the Mac world, in fact, meant, in addition to being a factor of prestige, the entry into a niche that would allow it to directly steal market shares from ATI. In particular, Nvidia was interested, by explicit admission of its managers, in two sectors: that of consumer-class computers such as iMacs and that of laptops. Hence the decision to make two chips native for Mac, one (the GeForce MX) intended for a mid-range machine, the second (the GeForce2GO) intended precisely for laptops. The rest of the story you know. The GeForce chips made their debut on the San Francisco PowerMacs accompanied by the sound of the Nvidia PR fanfares that praise the event indicating it as very significant. "Our strategy and that of Apple – said the marketing manager of Nvidia yesterday – fits perfectly with ours ", then adding" from now on every chip that we will produce will have compatibility with Mac hardware ". Promised not a little and that suggests many things about how the relationship between Apple and Nvidia could evolve . Although ATI flaunts security and talks about Jobs' smart choice. Having two suppliers always better than having only one, we are following this policy ", the impression that GeForce are just the way. From today on Nvidia's roadmap there is a laptop chip, the GeForce2Go, fully compatible with Apple products, by the summer N20 will arrive, a very high performance chip and this also promises Nvidia will be compatible with the Mac. If the promises on the speed of these processors distributed to the press will be those that everyone expects we believe that it could be very difficult for ATI to maintain the current positions too.To understand how far the spread of GeForce processors on the Mac range has gone . According to many observers, as of next February, new versions of iMac and iBook could make two interesting launches for Nvidia. Then in summer the new professional range will arrive. Then perhaps the only Mac that still has ATI chips could be Titanium. But who knows how long.

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