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The best PDF reader for Android

PDF documents are the most used in the office and at home, to the point of being in many ways synonymous with the document (if it plays on par with the .doc). If you are used to reading your PDFs from your PC but receiving a new PDF document via email from your mobile phone, you can now also read them in mobility with the apps to read PDFs. In this guide I will show you how to choose the best Android PDF reader among the many available on the Google Play Store.

I will only recommend the free apps, so that you don't have to spend a single euro for read PDFs on Android.

Apps to read PDF files on Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Best Android PDF reader

The king of PDF readers on PC present as a free app also on Android. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader you can be sure of being able to open any document in PDF format keeping the original formatting and any customizations (indexes, underlinings etc.) that the sender may have left on the document.

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If you want to view PDFs on your Android device as if you were on your PC, this app is the right choice! The synchronization system offered to those who have an Adobe account will allow you to access your documents from any other device or PC where Adobe Reader is present.

DOWNLOAD |Adobe Acrobat Reader

Google PDF viewer

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A good alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader on Android offered by Google, with its PDF viewer.

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Born as an integrated tool in the office suite, this app allows you to easily open any PDF document (even online) so that you can read it and possibly download it to the internal memory of the device. Excellent integration with Drive, so you can save the PDF document on the cloud and access it later from another Android device or PC.

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You can download Google PDF Viewer for free on your Android device from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Google PDF viewer

WPS Office

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WPS Office a complete office suite that you can install on your Android device to read files in .doc, .xls, .ppt format and to read documents in PDF format. In addition to the possibility of opening PDFs, it allows you to convert these documents into other formats (from PDF to .doc for example), so as to always have a file compatible with any device. Excellent integration with the main cloud services, so you can always save a copy of the document online and avoid losing it.


The other apps to view PDF

The ones I mentioned are definitely the best apps to choose from to decree the best Android PDF reader, but there are numerous apps available to view PDFs in the Google Play Store. Here are all the alternatives available:

In this other list you will find the office suites for Android with support for reading and editing documents in PDF format:

By choosing one of the recommended apps in this guide you will be able to manage PDFs correctly without having to resort to the PC!