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Thanks, as usual …

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Perhaps Apple does not triumph on the markets and in the consideration of analysts, but certainly one cannot say that scrolling through the statistics of Macity and MacProf we notice a decline in affection towards the platform. Last week at the Expo, in fact, our two sites have recorded the absolute record in terms of visits and pages served, exceeding every previous peak reached both on a daily and weekly level. The statistics log delivered truly amazing data: 260,000 pages served in just seven days with a peak of 60,000 on the day of the keynote. On the day of the keynotes we broke several other web audience records: peaks of 350 contacts per second, 40,000 pages served in about 90 minutes. All this, in particular for the day of the keynote, caused us some difficulties. Our servers, although on average "muscular" have served pages at a slower pace than that required by our readers, so much so that someone was forced to see blank pages or failed to access our services. To our partial excuse it must be said that the traffic on Macity and Macprof, projected on a monthly scale has brought us closer, even if only a few tens of minutes, to the traffic we see on Yahoo, making us, always for a few tens of minutes, one of the busiest websites in the world and certainly the most viewed in Italy. These results, for which our staff must thank only our readers who with esteem and affection continue to follow us in increasing numbers, adding to previous projects, are pushing us by force towards a renewal of our structure. After the "merger" of Macity and Macprof we are in fact evaluating new initiatives to rearrange our structure and strengthen ourselves on a technological level. We are discussing with our partners some solutions that should briefly find practical application and, we hope, in the medium term present readers with more functional and service-rich sites. At the same time Macity Publishing, which our publisher, the only Italian company whose main purpose the publication of Mac magazines on the Internet, is studying new initiatives to constantly increase and improve the journalistic coverage of the Mac Italian world. The originality of the contents, the immediacy of the information, the reliability and professionalism and the attention paid to the Mac Italian world remain essential points of this policy. The "direct" from the various Mac reviews will continue, but there are also other ideas in the pipeline that we will see how and when to apply. Better, even if only for superstitious purposes, do not unbalance us too much … For now, the only thing we can add is the usual traditional huge "thank you" to our readers. For our part, to reward you we promise to continue to work with humility with the commitment to give you the best Mac information on the Internet available in Italy.

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