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Summer holidays: the best apps for traveling

the best apps for traveling

Ready for summer holidays? If you want to better organize your trip, then in addition to the suitcases you will also have to prepare your smartphone. Thanks to some apps, in fact, you can fully enjoy your holiday, simply and quickly. The smartphone becomes indispensable especially when we like to disperse in unknown locations, where we have no reference whatsoever, so in these cases some information could help us live our journey better. Read on to find out the best app for traveling (Android and iOS) to take with you in your suitcase or under an umbrella.

Summer holidays: organized with apps to travel for Android and iOS smartphones

app for traveling

The way of traveling has changed radically. The station ticket office? Forget her. The toll at the toll booth? Forget about it. The smartphone turns out to be a fundamental travel companion, allowing you to have tickets, maps, guides and timetables of trains and planes within a tap. There are several apps for traveling, both for Android and iOS smartphones, which allow you to better organize your summer holidays. Here are the best currently available.

Wiffinity, the app that always keeps you connected

If you will spend your summer holidays in non-European countries, the most convenient solution to stay connected to the internet while visiting a location is to have a connection under wifi coverage. Wiffinity a database that reports all wireless connections around the world, updated by users who voluntarily share passwords recovered or tracked during their travels. You can download the Android app by clicking hereand for iOS from this link.

Tinaba, the app that organizes your money while traveling

When traveling in the company of friends, a common fund is often created to cover all the expenses of the holiday. To better manage money, Tinaba an excellent solution could be found. The app allows you to open a common cash box to load the established quota, indicating an amount to be reached. And at the end of the trip, if something is left, Tinaba automatically returns the remaining shares in proportion to the number of participants. Comfortable isn't it? You can download the Android app by clicking here and for iOS by clicking here.

Flush, the app that always makes you find the public bathroom

Nature calls, especially when you travel. Here then is that Flush proves to be an indispensable app, helping you find public toilets wherever you are, also giving you details on the services offered, complete with a user review. You will be able to download the Android app by clicking here and for iOS by clicking here.

Yescapa, the app for organizing holidays on the road

If the hotel is not for you and you have organized a holiday on the road, then Yescapa the ideal app for you. It is a camper-sharing platform, which allows you to rent a camper for a maximum duration of 30 days at decidedly affordable costs. You will be able to download the Android app by clicking here and for iOS by clicking here.

Musement, the app for museum lovers

If you have organized your holiday in a historic city and you are going to visit museums, then you absolutely must download the app on your smartphone musement which allows you to find and book with a tap experiences, cultural activities, attractions, museums, exhibitions and more. Lapp available in 450 cities, 50 countries and 8 languages, including Italian. You will be able to download the Android app by clicking here and for iOS by clicking here.

Virail, the essential app for travel by plane, train, bus or car

The latest travel app I want to offer you is called Virail. It is an aggregator of services for travelers that really includes everything: planes, trains, buses and car sharing, also offering Flixbus buses, BlaBlaCar solutions and local public transport to reach places not served by airports and stations. It is really a very convenient and very useful app to discover travel and flight offers that should not be missing from your bouquet. The app is currently only available for Android and you can download it by clicking here.

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