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SoundBlaster Live! postponed to March

SoundBlaster Live! postponed until March | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Creative Labs has announced that the launch of SoundBlaster Live! for Mac, it was postponed to March, due to "bugs and other incompatibilities of some portions of code developed by third-party partners". Creative could have already shown the product with great pomp during the MacWorld Expo but has preferred to wait and release a completely tested and tried product. Creative has however shown together with Westlake Interactive the potential of the card by showing some Mac games on its stand: In addition, Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex are also working with other developers to allow them to develop games that can take advantage of the OpenAL libraries that will allow them to take advantage of the 4-channel output that can offer very high level. (Edited by Newton)

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