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Sony worried about the iPhone

Sony worried about iPhone | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Sony is worried about Apple's entry into connected devices and looks closely at Cupertino's movements in this area. Confirming that the Japanese electronics giant has raised the antennae to the announcement of the phone Howard Stringer, the company's CEO.

Stringer's opinion contained in an interview, the result of the transcription of a face-to-face on TV, published yesterday by during which the Sony CEO talks about multimedia strategies and the digital living room. Addressing the iPhone theme, Stringer says he is delighted that Jobs has identified a trend (that of converging devices) to which we have already oriented ourselves. iPhone a device converging between music and telephony and Sony is working on several variations on this theme. In Europe, especially, we have sold many Walkman phones. But if Stringer applauds Jobs' choices, this does not mean underestimating Apple or mocking the address of the mobile phone, as someone else seems to do (including, for example, Microsoft).

'I would never dream of it,' says Stringer – of sitting quietly waiting for their moves and I would be a liar if I said that I am not worried about what they are doing. I certainly wouldn't bet on Steve '

Stringer then spoke of the sensational mistake made by Sony in the late 90s, when despite having an idea in his hands that could have anticipated the digital music revolution, the Japanese company decided not to carry out its execution. "We were working with IBM," said the CEO – it was 1997. We could have been on the market five years before the iPod, but we were unable to make our leaders understand the relevance of a digital music distribution system. They saw digital media, they worried because we are also a music company "

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