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Shorts, the app to share your camera roll with friends

Spectacular photos and ordinary shots don't have to be posted anymore to be shared: just an app

(Photo: Math Camp)(Photo: Math Camp)

Most of the photos we take basically useless, since it remains buried in the smartphone's memory without ever being used. This is the premise that prompted the developer Paul Davison and his team to create Shorts, an app for iPhone and iPad that aims to express the potential of these hidden shots and could be defined as a social camera roll.

First, friends are added by username or telephone number, after which the app proposes to make one very quick sorting photos in memory: one swipe up to share them, one down to keep them only on the phone. According to Davison, it shouldn't be too much time to think about which photos to censor and which to keep: Shorts made for small circles of friends and to share with them not only the spectacular and memorable moments like those that end on Instagram and Facebook, but also the most honest photos that portray ordinary moments and perhaps more intimate than everyday life.

There is also a search mode, thanks to which it is possible to find the feeds (limited to the last 24 photos taken) of friends of friends or people nearby who have decided to activate public visibility. This mixture of public and private not only a thread on which Shorts tries to balance, but the hinge of the platform. As Davison himself said in an interview with The Verge: "All the most successful social products of the past 20 years have been successful because they have pushed us to share our facts a little more openly than we were comfortable with doing before they arrived."Of course, Shorts seems to push with a little too much force, users will decide.


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