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Rando, the app that sends random content

The application also provides for blind sending: the user does not know what he is sending to his own contact or sharing on social media


Don't know what to do, get bored. Absentmindedly shake your finger on social media, then think of write to someone: yes, but what? Random thing. This is the answer offered by Rando, the new application by David Barnard, the creator of Launch Center Pro.

And what should an application called Rando do, if not send random content? Photos from the smartphone roll, gif from Giphy (but is it?) And quotes (not better identified): all shareable via sms, or on Twitter, Facebook, or other.

Those who feel particularly courageous can choose to send in the dark: the app will choose what. Otherwise, the user can select themes to narrow the range of the app's offer on gifs, and also on photos, by submitting a preview of three images. As the short description of the app in the Apple store rightly explains: "A way to start the conversation … or end it".


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