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Prompt makes you request chat services with MS-DOS style commands

still in beta, but promises to connect its users to the services they use most often using text commands as if they were messages or sms

(Photo: Prompt)(Photo: Prompt)

Its creators describe it as Promptas an MS-DOS command line, but designed for real life: it is an online platform designed to mediate between its users and the myriad of web services they use every day and have an impact on their real life. In four words: you ask, she performs. Its particularity? It works exclusively through text commands: whether it is SMSo of a more advanced service such as Slack (but integrations with WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, Viber and Skype are being developed), Prompt only interacts in this way, as in the operating systems of the 1980s.

(Photo: Prompt)(Photo: Prompt)

The platform already integrates with Google Maps, Bitly, IMDb, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, Yelp, WhoIs and many other services, from Nest thermostats to Hue bulbs, passing through car rentals with driver and fast food chains, and has released its development kit so that anyone can take advantage of it. Just like for MS-DOS, for the first incarnations of Unix and so on, to talk to Prompt correct syntax must be used: a list of supported commands available on the platform website, but there is no recognition of the natural language included in the package, and if the wrong command is given, the request fails. In contrast, the creators point out, if you know exactly what you need phenomenal and takes you straight to the point, allowing you to skip the numerous screens and expectations to which the apps of the individual services often condemn their users.

The startup is working on make your algorithms more flexible of command recognition, so as not to limit the use of Prompt to geeks of command lines only. After all, the platform is still in beta and its use, at least for the moment, limited to the United States.


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