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Programs to speed up your PC

Is your PC now slow enough to give you time to have a coffee between one ignition and another? Does launching programs take a long time? All these problems can be caused by poor maintenance of the Windows system, which over time slows down to the point of making the machine almost unusable.You can rely on programs to speed up the Windows PC, able to perform system maintenance completely automatically! In this guide I will show you the best free programs to speed up the PC on which Windows is installed with minimal user intervention.

Programs to speed up your PC

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Performance Maintainer

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The first program that I can recommend to speed up Windows Performance Maintainer, completely free and open source.With this software you can keep the Windows registry clean from unnecessary entries, clean up the hard disk space occupied by temporary files and improve system performance by optimizing programs in auto-start. left in memory to automatically optimize performance, or you can use the key Start to speed up your PC with Windows.

You can download this program from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Performance Maintainer

Auslogics BoostSpeed

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Another very useful program to speed up the Windows BoostSpeed ??PC, produced by Auslogics, which allows you to optimize many settings of your operating system, all designed to give more speed and responsiveness to your system. With this program you will keep the registry clean, you will remove all unnecessary files and, by placing the program in auto-start, you can always get the maximum speed thanks to the scheduler for automatic maintenance. Also excellent specific tools to speed up Windows 10 and the tool to protect user privacy.

The program is available for free from the following link.Auslogics BoostSpeed ??free with limited features, unlockable through a paid license.

DOWNLOAD |Auslogics BoostSpeed

IObit Advanced SystemCare

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-34272 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Advanced-SystemCare.jpg” alt=”IObit Advanced SystemCare” width=”564″ height=”383″ data-lazy-/>

IObit has always created useful programs for PCs with Windows and its flagship is Advanced SystemCare, the definitive maintenance suite for all Windows systems. With this suite you can speed up your PC with a simple click and schedule cleaning automatic with a simple button. More experienced users will have many separate tools at their disposal with which to optimize system performance and periodically clean all files and registry keys that can slow down the PC over the long term. also automatically update the system drivers and offers the special Boost mode useful for those who play or want the most from PC hardware in extreme situations.

You can download the software for free from the following link. This suite is offered for free with limited features, if you are interested in unlocking all the features you will need to purchase the license.

DOWNLOAD |IObit Advanced SystemCare

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Other programs to speed up your PC

Those recommended above are without a doubt the best programs to speed up the PC on which Windows is installed, whatever version you have. Other similar programs are available for free download, you can find them all in the following list:

Whichever program you choose, you can keep your Windows PC always snappy and fast even after years of use.

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