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Privacy, after Apple also WhatsApp in the crosshairs of the US Department of Justice

According to the New York Times, the US Department of Justice is preparing for an all-out fight against information encryption


The one with Apple could only be the first in a long series of clashes between the U.S. government and Silicon Valley. While Cupertino and the FBI have not yet resolved the dispute over the unlocking of San Bernardino's smartphone, the New York Times reports that the Justice Department is thinking of dragging on the struggle between privacy and national security also the WhatsApp messaging service.

The concerns of the ministry are always related to how get rid of encryption to access information in the possession of suspects and suspects, but they were born from a different case from that of the Californian massacre. In particular, the reflection would have been another investigation in which the police would have obtained an interception warrant on the suspects, but once in possession of the information (not smartphones) they would not have been able to decipher them.

Like Apple, not even WhatsApp can decipher the data of its users once they have been generated: it does the whole algorithm automatically. For this reason, asking the company to make any changes to its system would have consequences on everyone's data security. Moreover, cases like this are destined to occur with increasing frequency: the US wiretapping laws are twenty years old, when communications took place via landlines and had a completely different function; now between the information of a private citizen and the government's willingness to control it there are not only Apple or WhatsApp (and therefore Facebook), but an entire industry, which on the matter does not seem willing to give a millimeter.


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