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Power Bug shuffle from DLO: charge your iPod shuffle anywhere

Power Bug shuffle from DLO: charge your iPod shuffle anywhere | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

IPods are born dependent computers. In case you don't want to spend something extra to buy a USB adapter (and to be able to charge the Apple player also through the power supply), your iPod, away from a computer, will always be like a photovoltaic panel away from the sun: once the charge is exhausted, bye bye …

To overcome this problem, there are many accessories that allow you to connect an iPod to the power outlets. The differences in most cases are reduced to being purely aesthetic. For example, the DLO Power Bug is an adapter for iPod shuffle that vaguely resembles the exoskeleton of a cockroach. Ergonomically shaped, the contacts retract inside, for greater comfort and portability.

To recharge the batteries, simply connect the iPod shuffle to the Power Bug, using the additional cable provided in the package; alternatively you can use the cable to connect the mp3 player to a computer, and perform a synchronization, in place of the docking station.

The Power Bug works with both first and second generation shuffles. The accessory price of 22.99 dollars. The Italian distributor of DLO Attiva

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