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New kernel for linux on PPC

New Linux kernel on PPC | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The new linux kernel for PowerPC, developed by Jeremias Sauceda of TerraSoft, seems to be the answer to all those who have long been waiting for a kernel capable of taking full advantage of the features of the latest macintosh, making the choice of linux a paying choice also in extreme performance terms. The first feature integrated the multiprocessor support of the most recent G4 systems, while the second one supports up to one gigabyte of Ram. Both features had already been integrated into different kernels, but the novelty of this new release is the integration of both, previously available only separately today, forcing the user to choose between system calculation performance or memory availability. experimental of the new kernel (vmlinux-2.4.1-pre2 version) available online at the address below.

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