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Music on your shoulder with the Soundwalk MP3 Player Audio Sports Vest

As the good weather approaches, the time comes to brush up on your sneakers or take your bicycle out of the closet, to enjoy the sun and spring air. Therefore, a new accessory to wear during our excursions could not be missing.

This is the Wowzzers Soundwalk MP3 Player Audio Sports Vest, a skimpy vest that, rather than representing a real piece of clothing, resembles the harnesses used by climbing enthusiasts. The gadget has the main function of freeing your hands, keeping your mobile phone and iPod in the special rope compartments on the front straps.

Once the devices are connected to the SoundWalk line-ins, you can listen to music or interact with the phone directly through the Wowzzers vest, without having to remove the player or mobile phone from their accommodation. The telephone / iPod switch is made with a special selector; however, the accessory is compatible with other mp3 players.

The stereo speakers are inserted inside the frontal bands, in correspondence with the shoulders: from here music and calls are spread in speakerphone, right under your ears and those who are close to you. In spite of privacy and discretion in public.

In case you want to disturb the peace of others by playing sports at unlikely times, the contours of the SoundWalk are reflective, for greater visibility in the darkest hours. But be careful, it could be a double-edged sword, given the greater ease with which it would be easy to identify you if someone did not appreciate nocturnal noise and wanted to "invite" you to externalize your love for music elsewhere …

The Soundwalk MP3 Player Audio Sports Vest sold in red or black, at the price of 69.99 Dollars, on the manufacturer's website. Currently, no Italian distributions are known.