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MACWORLD: QPS introduces stackable FireWire hard drives

MACWORLD: QPS introduces stackable FireWire hard drives | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

FireWire has not yet presented its full potential to the public, only today we are starting to see solutions based on this standard that really bring something new to the panorama of external peripherals. The first step in this direction is offered by QPS, the company known for its Qu recorders, which today shows us the new QuadSlim hard drives, 2.5-inch discs, powered directly by the firewire port and with three connectors on-board; the novelty in the connectors and in their arrangement: one female on the back, one male on the upper panel and one still female on the lower panel of the case, in this way we will be able to mount a hard disk on the other and have a small tower of disks, up to 5, powered and connected via a single firewire cable. Of course we will be able to manage the tower of disks as we see fit, taking advantage of all the FireWire potential, therefore also the possibility of adding or removing elements from the tower with the machine on and running, or to manage disks comfortably and with little space, even using a laptop and without mains power. Of course the discs will also be able to be used for the creation of a portable raid system. The disc case has also been engineered to absorb minor blows and falls without damage, while a series of accessories will allow you to use the discs in different positions, if desired also attached to the belt by a clip. Available in 6, 10, 20 and 30 Gb cuts, they will be in Italy in a short time.

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