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MACWORLD: PowerBook G4 or G3

MACWORLD: PowerBook G4 or G3 | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Better Titanium or an accelerated Wallstreet? The new PowerBook G4 Titanium is certainly a product to be admired and its cost is not exaggerated, however … However, there are still many users who, although skilled from an IT point of view, still they live in an old fashioned environment where floppies and ZIPs play the lion's share. The solution proposed by supporters of the new Apple product is the use of external readers. Recall that the new Titanium does not have any expansion module, a bit like the old Duo … The solution is not at all appreciated by those who must use the PowerBook in precarious situations: we refer to all those conditions in which it is not possible place our traveling companion on a comfortable table: surveys on the field, construction sites, on the train or on the tiny table on the plane. In plain words of all those times that the PowerBook is used as a PORTABLE and not as a TRANSPORTABLE. For these users, or in any case for those who are fond of his WallStreet there is the solution of replacing the processor. We managed to get a good price on the new 500 MHz chip from PowerLogix called Blue Chip. Another promise that we make is the complete road test of this product that for just over $ 600 could make the old G3 still capable to do his service for at least a year, at least until Apple introduces a truly PORTABLE computer, we refer to the evolution of the Newtons. (By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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