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MACWORLD: Macally iVoice gives voice to new Macs.

MACWORLD: Macally iVoice gives voice to new Macs. | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

For some obscure reason that Apple does not provide an audio input for the new portable and desktop machines, the San Francisco Expo has seen the arrival of two interesting USB devices that solve the problem … of iMic (converter with input switchable line / audio and audio output at about $ 40 we have already talked about this Macity page)). Today we offer you Macally iVoice which is also on sale in Italy (distribution is Turnover and Real Time Trading) and which adds in addition to the audio input with adjustable gain and an audio output a real microphone to be used for all common voice recording applications. The cost here in the United States of about 40 dollars, in Italy will not be very different. MacOS 9.1 is indicated but we were able to install it without problems even on one of the new iBooks with system 9.04 which has audio extensions with an intermediate version. recognized immediately by the machine that manages the input levels.

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