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MACWORLD: FireWire for everyone.

MACWORLD: FireWire for everyone. | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Those who want to insert an IDE Hard Disk, perhaps Ultra ATA 100, into the Mac now have one more chance. According to the manufacturer, who promised us a demo unit for tomorrow (unfortunately for a fee …), the FireWire 1394 / IDE Bridge Board by Granite Digital works wonders. Compatible with a declared transfer rate of 40 MB / sec the small card (of which you can see the images on MacProf) it plugs directly into the back of the IDE disk and is equipped with two FireWire outputs and a power socket. A second model with double connector allows you to connect two drives. The nen support stops at hard disks, but also covers magneto optical drives, CD ROMs, CD-RWs, CD-Rs, DVDs and tape players. Among the declarations, compatibility with all OSs stands out (both for Mac and for PC) that support the IEEE-1394 standard or that have an OHCI card (open hardware common interface, must be written on the package, be careful !!!) and the appropriate software. We immediately think of the old PCI PowerMacs, which can be equipped with FireWire ports through PCI cards: many of these cards also have one or more internal connectors for the happiness of users who can now insert a second HD FireWire inside the case. The retail price will be 99 dollars, more information on the manufacturer's website

For photos on this and other firewire devices, please refer to this MacProf page. To this MacProf page. (By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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