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MACWORLD: disassemble a PowerBook G4

MACWORLD: unmounting a PowerBook G4 | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the most interesting features of the old poworbook series (lombard and pismo) was the ease of accessing the inside of the machine to make ram updates, mount a different hard disk, or mount an Airport card: just lift the keyboard to find everything you need with a screwdriver, with extreme simplicity and speed. With the new machines will everything be just as easy? Probably not, starting with the tools: if previously a Phillips screwdriver was sufficient to do almost everything, now all the screws are torx and need the suitable screwdriver to be unscrewed. Changing the internal arrangement of the elements, then, it will not even be easier to access the AirPort hard disk and slot, lifting the keyboard, really thin and light while maintaining good feedback, we will no longer find the usual arrangement of the various components, but we will be alone able to access the ram slots. To access the hard disk and AirPort we will have to disassemble the Titanium panel below! Once the powerbook has been disconnected from the socket and the battery has been eliminated, we will be able to unscrew the eight underlying torx screws and we will be able to remove the case panel: at this point we will have the Airport slot available and access to the free internal disk.

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