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MACWORLD: AirPort for everyone

MACWORLD: AirPort for everyone | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Wireless networking is certainly encouraging many hardware manufacturers to find new solutions to optimize the work of large and small businesses, an example of which is the Epson print server for accessing a parallel printer via airport; among the multiple solutions presented in San Francisco, the series of routers produced by Techworks.We have found a truly vast and flexible range to meet every need, from the 56K / AirPort modem router to the ISDN / Airport router, last with also the possibility of internally mounting a small 4-port 10/100 autosensing hub, all integrated in the rounded case. The solutions do not stop there, in fact we also find products capable of distributing via AirPort the signal received from a DSL connection, receiving stations for machines not equipped with AirPort preparation, all available to connect Apple machines and PC machines. In the manufacturer's stand they showed us a mixed network: mac machines, pc machines, network printers, some networked via Airport, others via ethernet, all connected to a single device capable of sorting traffic to each node of the network.

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