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Launch of the iPhone, Palm risks most of all

Launch of iPhone, Palm risks most of all | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Palm is the main target of the iPhone market and also the company that more than any other has to worry about the launch of the Apple phone. To launch the opinion that must sound like an alarm for the company of Sunnyvale Morgan Stanley who analyzed the demographic sample of Palm's customers.

According to Katheryn Huberty Palm, the maker of mobile phones most at risk in the battle that broke out with the launch of the Apple mobile phone for various factors that range from the functions of the Treo to the price. The element of greatest concern for the fact that Treo users are largely Apple customers. Morgan Stanley has found that the demographic champion of who owns a Palm mobile phone is twice as likely to have an iPod than customers of other brands. The interviews also reveal that a Treo owner is much more likely to buy an iPhone than someone who has other smartphones.

Those who should have little to fear from the launch of the iPhone Rim, whose Blackberry is part of the IT structure in many companies and therefore very unlikely to be abandoned in favor of the Apple phone, and Motorola which is focusing on low-cost and unrecognized terminals as a brand that focuses decisively on music and multimedia.

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