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iTunes Store, credit system coming?

iTunes Store, credit system coming? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Rumors have been around for a few months now: Apple is said to be offering the introduction of "credits" to push consumers to buy music albums in their entirety.

The voice is strengthened thanks to the powerful resonance box offered by the New York Times, which states that if the consumer decides to buy an entire album, Apple would be planning to offer credits equal to the cost of each song that album, already purchased separately.

A favorable choice for users, who would no longer be forced to pay twice for songs already purchased and contained in a work they intend to buy.

There are no other details of the operation: it is not known if and when this measure will be applied, if it will be applied to all the songs and all the albums, if there will be time limits to exploit the "credits" or if there will be a sort of retroactive credit application (if we purchased a song a year ago, with the entry into force of the initiative, will that song correspond to a credit?) We just have to wait for some more consistent news

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