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iTunes 7.1 and QuickTime 7.1.5, Apple's music and video are updated

A new iTunes release for Mac and Windows is ready.

Here is what the "read me" of version 7.1 which weighs about 27 MB says:

?With iTunes 7 and iTunes Store, you can view previews and buy high-quality movies as well as classic and new games designed exclusively for fifth generation iPods. Take a look at your album covers with Cover Flow, protect your iTunes library by making copies on CD or DVD and much more.

With iTunes 7.1 you can have fun with your favorite music, movies and TV shows that iTunes offers and more, while comfortably sitting on your sofa, thanks to Apple TV. iTunes 7.1 also supports a new full-screen Cover Flow and improved sorting options, allowing you to decide how iTunes should sort your favorite songs, albums and artists. ?

You can download it from this page both for Mac (Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher) and for Windows (2000 or XP).

To see how the new covers work, just go to the iTunes cowerflow mode and press the new "full screen" button on the bottom right (see the image below).

coverflow parts

Once the full screen view has started, you can scroll through the albums with the arrow keys and control playback or volume both with the mouse and with the keyboard and with Apple Remote without having to activate FrontRow. Here under the "full screen" mode active.

large full screen

The QuickTime 7.1.5 update released at this time recommended to all users and weighs about 44.2 MB in the Mac version. It is also available for Windows and solves a security problem related to the execution of a multimedia archive with "malicious" content. ".

Both updates are available on Mac through "software update". On PC they should update should activate automatically if you have a recent version of iTunes.