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Italy, HD video guides for Apple TV

Video guides specifically designed to be viewed on Apple TV. Here is the novelty proposed by, a reality created to promote and support tourism in the main Italian cities of art using the means made available by the latest digital technology.

The idea of ??Italyguides, known for having already proposed excellent (and free) audio guides for iPod, unites two of Apple's workhorses, the video podcast and Apple TV. The videos, which will be downloaded directly from the iTunes Store, will be visible directly on TV at home for the benefit of those seeking information to organize a trip to Italy, students or simply nostalgic and lovers of our country who live far from national borders.

The idea – explains Leonardo Calandra, one of ComPart Multimedia's responsibles, who gave life to the project – stems from the previous experience with iPod. We decided to follow the same trend, thanks to what are, in our opinion, the excellent potential of Apple TV. Initially we will open the project with a guide from Rome. Then for this phase we will continue with Florence, Pisa and Venice. Each episode will have a length of 12 minutes, real "shorts" made in a professional manner. Our videos – explained Macitynet Calandra again – are commented by professional speakers and made with quality images. The willingness to carry out a higher level project is testified by the fact that the guides are in 720p HD. In addition, we have 3D models made specifically for our project. The contents will be a mix between those developed by art historians for audio guides on iPod and practical advice for tourists developed by foreign (mostly American) journalists. All in a formula that we believe innovative and we hope will meet the popularity of the network public. Our goal, in the future, is to directly involve our users and develop content based on their requests or advice, a sort of "democratic TV". We hope in the future to also be able to organize something with the tourism promotion associations. For our part we are open to every perspective.

The distribution will take place exclusively via iTunes, through the podcast system. A tool – says Calandra – on which we believe a lot. The direct link created by iTunes and Apple TV that links the internet with podcasts directly to TV is something absolutely innovative.

At this link there is already a placeholder with a short promo that serves to remind visitors of the next release of the first episode of the series whose release – says Calandra – scheduled for May. We're working on it. in these days the speaker recordings will be made, the main shots have not yet been made, but a large part of the videography is already under construction and so the 3D models are under construction, obviously the most difficult to complete. The size of each episode, despite the high definition, should be contained in acceptable terms, at least by those with a broadband connection: We should stay within 200 MB for 720p. h264 a fabulous codec, they still say from CompartMultimedia

In this effort it seems that Apple technologies play an important if not fundamental part … Well, certainly …. ComPart Multimedia – says Calandra – a creative agency and Apple has always helped us a lot in our daily work, practically all the production of our work takes place with Apple machines and software. Apple TV in particular in our opinion a very visionary product capable of changing the rules of the game perhaps much more than iPod or iPhone and few seem to have noticed. Suddenly the people of the net find themselves in the front row on television alongside the big networks, not a little!