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iPod Easy Control: the iPod remote control

lovemy ipod remote control

One of the most convenient features of Apple's Radio Remote (in addition to the obvious radio reception) is to be able to access the main controls of the mp3 player without having to continually remove it from your pocket.

The exact same features are offered by Lovemytime's iPod Easy Control, obviously excluding radio reception. Thanks to the small remote control that can be connected to the dock socket, it will be possible, through the buttons on the surface of the gadget, to start and stop playback, select the tracks forward or backward and adjust the volume.

Completing the omnipresent "hold" button located on the side, and a clip on the bottom, which allows you to attach the remote control to the jacket, or shirt. he does sports and wants to keep the player in his pocket away from bumps and bad weather.

Another use could be in the car: with the remote control located near the car radio and the iPod hidden in a pocket of the dashboard sheltered from thieves.

The iPod Easy Control compatible with iPod 3G, 4G, 5G; iPod mini, iPod with color display and iPod nano. It is distributed in Italy by E-Motion, at a cost of 29.99 Euros.