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iPhone XR the best-selling smartphone, Samsung and Oppo the most present in the top 10

We have already talked a lot about the smartphone market in recent weeks: for example, we know that the third quarter was all in all good – especially when compared to previous periods – and that 2020 could be positive, even if the double sword of Damocles recession + US / China crisis threatens to dampen enthusiasm. We also know that, when it comes to the premium sector, it is Apple that rules it, as well as for profits: in general they drop, but in Cupertino the story is another, with the + sign who does not appear to intend to abandon the company's books.

But in a schizophrenic market where shipments have started growing again, profits continue to suffer and 5G begins to peep into stores, which is the smartphone that sold the most in the last quarter of which we have the data (the third)? Soon said: it is iPhone XR, according to the data Counterpoint. And there's more: the smartphone presented in September 2018 has always been the best-selling mobile device in the world since the last quarter of last year, affecting Q3 2019 for at least 25% of iPhone sales overall. Below you can find the ranking, in which iPhone 11 is also present (in 5th place).

The top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world in the third quarter of 2019 represented the 17% of total sales, up from 15% the previous year. In terms of volume, there was a + 9% which, however, contrasts with the -30% of the revenues found by comparing this year's data with that of 2018. The reason? Soon said: in the top 10 there are "too many" mid-range smartphones (7 versus 5 in 2019) which, unlike premium devices, contribute only to profitability.

The podium of Q3 2019: Apple iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy A10, Samsung Galaxy A50 (Counterpoint data)

Finally, here are some "curious" data that photograph the situation in the third quarter:

  • Apple leads the ranking with its iPhone XR (HERE in our review last year), but it is also present with iPhone 11 in 5th place. There are therefore two Cupertino smartphones in the top 10 of Q3 2019
  • Samsung completes the podium, with Galaxy A10 and Galaxy A50 respectively in second and third positions. The South Korean manufacturer has three smartphones in the ranking: in addition to the two mentioned, we also find A20 (7th)
  • Like Samsung, Oppo also has three smartphones in the top 10: A9 (4th), A5s (6th) and A5 (8th).
  • Xiaomi and Huawei are both present in the ranking with a single smartphone: Redmi 7A and P30, respectively

(update of December 27, 2019, 09:10 am)