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Intel believes in the success of the iPhone

Intel believes in iPhone success | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Virtually all the mobile phone manufacturers in the world are trying to find a way to compete with Apple and its iPhone. To reveal a detail that reveals admiration for the new Cupertino mobile phone comes from the head of Intel, Paul Otellini.

The CEO of the world's leading computer processor manufacturer had the opportunity to talk about iPhones during the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco.

'The iPhone,' said Otellini to analysts and industry specialists who listened to his speech, 'offers many more features than other competing phones. To achieve this, mobile phone manufacturers will have to switch to more efficient processors from the point of view of consumption. ' Otellini then mentioned the operating system, based on Unix (since it is an adapted version of Mac Os X), as one of the strengths of the iPhone. According to Intel's CEO, ultra mobile devices will benefit from using a Linux or Unix kernel, just like Mac Os X, especially for consumption.

From this point of view Otellini finds Windows CE to be criticized. "We would like to see," said the CEO of Intel. "Microsoft is committed to a more optimized kernel in terms of consumption and the form factor of the devices it serves." Otellini's statement seemed to be a criticism of the Origami class devices, launched with great fanfare but already forgotten for the inability, some sites note, to satisfy the specifications mentioned by Otellini: to offer full functionality of a PC with battery of a working day.

Intel intends to do its part to meet these needs, helping ultra-portable computer manufacturers and pocket makers to build reliable products from the point of view of consumption. This will happen with the release of a new low-consumption chip. Otellini did not provide any details in this regard, limiting himself to making it known that the product under study and that Intel's aim is to respond to the needs for balancing performance and energy absorption.

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