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iLuv i177: clock radio for iPod in black or white

iLuv i177, available in white or black (WHT / BLK), a stereo Am / Fm radio alarm clock with dual alarm time and as many alarm modes: radio or buzzer. It has a system with two amplified speakers jAura Echo Soundcell Technology * 2 x 3 Watt Rms * complete with bass reflex on the back.

The function keys are concentrated on the upper horizontal plane, flanked by the built-in knobs of radio and volume tuning. Here you will also find the dock for classic iPods and a USB socket for the Shuffle versions or for any other Mp 3 player (a USB extension may be needed to connect some player models). Both sockets allow you to recharge the Mp 3 players and listen to the songs stored on the players themselves through the speakers.

The 'snooze' button is located on the front of the i177 to temporarily stop the alarm / alarm and a multifunctional LCD display backlit in blue, on which the clock and tuning frequency are displayed, plus all the functions activated.

On the back, the i177 offers a wire antenna for frequency modulation, the attachment for the external medium wave rectangular antenna and two 3.5 mm jack sockets: 'line in' plus 'line out'.

The synthetic structure, the metal front monogram. The medium wave antenna, an infrared remote control for remote control of all functions and the adapter docks dedicated to the different generations of iPods (iPod 5G Video 30). / 60/80 Gb, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod 4G and iPod 3G) .Powered at 220 volts (2 AA batteries are needed for the clock memory), the i177 also works without iPod. audience of 149.00 including VAT.

The DLM distribution.