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I start from five

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Analysts' comments are long in coming. After the presentation of the fiscal results, very few people who have gone out of their way to express their opinions on what the conference last night could mean for the future of Apple.Generally for online magazines and sites specializing in economics they seem to have pinned their attention on the announcement that the Apple warehouse now returned close to normal. In fact, five weeks of stocks are what Apple declared in the early summer, before the MacWorld Expo and the tornado that brought down profits and cut sales. The news that Apple is now able to count on a level normal pieces of stock good news, perhaps the best you could hear from Anderson. Low stocks mean in fact the possibility of proposing new machines without being forced to find ways to sell old ones by offering discounts that end up cutting margins. This situation had happened in the summer when the biprocessors, which arrived in the canals while the previous models were still unsold, underwent internal competition from the latter which was one of the elements at the base of the abnormal increase in warehouse levels. half of the warehouse the best of the news underlines David Bailey of Gerard Klauer Mattison, one of the few analysts who had the opportunity to comment on the fiscal results during the night. "They made a huge effort – Bailey says – the warehouse was the focal point in the fiscal quarter report, everything else was overshadowed." The most significant thermometer in this regard will only take place in a few hours when the financial markets open. During the night, Apple on Island ECN that tracks closed-market trading showed a fair amount of activity and a rise that was initially very significant but which then decreased compared to the first hours after Anderson's announcements. AAPL was listed on $ 17, higher than the official close but still a long way from $ 18 in the early hours of the Expo. The feeling that today we should not see significant swings in trading, unless the technology market is well tuned. of his own. Otherwise, investors will prefer to stay at the window for a while to better understand how events will go in the coming weeks.

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