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How to unsubscribe from Facebook forever

unsubscribe from Facebook forever

There can be many reasons why, at any moment, a person would like to know the method of how to unsubscribe from Facebook. For example, you may want to get rid of contacts you don't know and start over with a new, cleaner profile. Or, you may want to completely disappear from that social network and leave no trace of your activity. Maybe it's because you're understandably annoyed that Facebook allowed your data to be manipulated in this way after selling it to Cambridge Analytica and you're not happy with how Mark Zuckerberg handled the scandal.

How to unsubscribe from Facebook

Whatever the reason, however, know that deleting a Facebook account is not difficult at all and requires very few clicks. If you have decided to take this step, then read on, because you will find all the steps on how to unsubscribe from Facebook forever. You will have to perform this procedure using the browser (even from a smartphone), since you will not be able to do it with the official app for mobile devices.

All you need to know is that all your states, all the photos uploaded by you, the pages you have created and of which you are the only administrator and all that concerns you will be deleted together with your account. Also remember that once you delete a Facebook account, this cannot be recovered, and you will need your password and a valid email to complete the procedure.

Save Facebook data (optional)

You are not obliged to do this but, before deleting your Facebook profile, you can save all your profile data, photos uploaded by you, videos and lots of other information. To save the data, all you have to do is go to this page and click on Download your information. Then follow the instructions that are shown to you to save all or only some information by selecting the items you want to save. At the end click on ?Create the file".

facebook file

If you can't access the page via the link, don't worry: go to your Facebook profile, click on the arrow at the bottom and select Settings.

From the page that appears, from the left side menu click on the link ?Your information on Facebook"And then click on Download your information. At this point you will simply have to follow the instructions as indicated above. If there is a lot of data to download, you may have to wait a few hours for Facebook to collect them all. When the process is completed, an email will be sent to you containing instructions for downloading the collected data.

NOTE: keep in mind that this process, in the case of extremely large data, may take a long time or fail. Don't worry: you can try to create your archive as many times as you want.

Delete Facebook account

After securing your data, you are now ready to proceed, and you will begin to perform the steps abovehow to cancel from Facebook!As I said before, the operation is very simple and cannot be canceled: once the account is deleted, all your data will also be deleted and you will no longer have a way to recover it.

To cancel your Facebook account, all you have to do is go to the following link.

LINK | Delete Facebook

unsubscribe from facebook

In the window that appears click on Delete the account. As you can see, you can also download your information from here, but if you've done it before, it's okay. You can also decide not to delete Messenger if you want to continue using it as messaging. In this case you have to click on "Deactivate account".

Done we will start the countdown: for the elimination to be definitive, 14 days must pass, and in those 14 days you will never have to log into your Facebook account. If you do, the cancellation process will be canceled and you will have to start over. This is the mistake that many people make. Maybe out of curiosity or to check if the Facebook profile has been removed, they log in with the password in 14 days. This small naivete will cancel the Facebook profile cancellation process.

How to delete Facebook page

When you opened your Facebook account, you also created a page and would like to delete it. If you don't know how, I will explain the process.

The essential condition that you must be a Page Administratorotherwise you can't do anything.

  • Go to your computer and log in to Facebook by entering your login and password.
  • In your profile click on the item ?Your Pages"That you find in the menu on the top bar in the shape of a triangle.
  • On the next screen you will see the list of your Pages that you are an administrator of. Click on the one you want to remove.
  • When you are on the page, click on Settings in the top menu bar.
  • Scroll down and find the entry Page removal, then click on Delete your page.
  • Now click on Delete finally (page name).
  • Click on the button Delete. If you want to go back instead, click on Cancel.
  • You have permanently and immediately deleted the Page. Your friends will never see her again.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to permanently unsubscribe from Facebook but want to hide from some friends, I recommend reading the guide we have prepared on how not to be found on Facebook.