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How to uninstall Windows 10 programs

Uninstalling programs is definitely one of the first things you learn to do as soon as you get a little familiar with your PC, so as to remove the programs that we don't care about or that we haven't used anymore, for some time. If you are a beginner with a PC and you don't know how to move, in this guide I will show youhow to uninstall programs on Windows 10, using one of the many methods available in this article, quickly and effectively. It will show you both the built-in procedures in Windows, and the methods to uninstall programs in depth, so as not to leave any trace on the hard disk (many programs tend to leave folders and files even after uninstalling).

How to uninstall programs on Windows 10

There are several methods to uninstall programs, which you will find below:

1 Method

Windows 10 already has everything it needs to remove the programs on your PC. This method that I am going to offer you is very simple and fast, all you have to do is search for the program to uninstall, via the bar in the Windows Start menu and once you find the program in the list that appears, right-click on its icon and click on the itemUninstall.

Uninstall windows 10 programs from Start

2 Method

Another method of uninstalling programs on Windows 10 can be applied by opening the menu Settingsand clicking on the entry App, as seen below.

Uninstall windows 10 software from Settings

Open the section App and functionality, select the program to uninstall from those in the list and use the button Uninstall to remove it from the PC. If you can't find the program among the many available, you can also use the search bar "Search in this list".

Uninstall apps and windows 10 features

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3 Method

Another method that you can use to uninstall software on Windows 10 rely on the classic function on the Control Panel, very similar to that found on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Open the Start menu, search Control paneltyping with the keyboard in the search field that you find below and open the control panel.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-42962 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Pannello-di-controllo.jpg” alt=”Control panel” width=”368″ height=”465″ data-lazy-/>

A window will open with various options available; click on Uninstall a program in the category view.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-42963 size-large" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Disinstalla-da-Pannello-di-controllo_convert-600×373.jpg” alt=”Uninstall a program from Control Panel” width=”600″ height=”373″ data-lazy-/>

If you use the icon view, you will need to click on the item Programs and features.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-42964 size-large" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Programmi-e-funzionalit_convert-600×373.jpg” alt=”Programs and functionality of the windows 10 control panel” width=”600″ height=”373″ data-lazy-/>

In any case, you will find yourself in the screen with the list of programs installed on your PC. Select one of the programs and use the button Uninstall at the top to start the uninstallation process.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-42965 size-large" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Disinstallazione-classica_convert-600×373.jpg” alt=”Classic uninstall” width=”600″ height=”373″ data-lazy-/>

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Best software to uninstall programs on Windows 10

If you want to use a dedicated program to remove all traces of the software, I suggest you tryIobit Uninstaller, available for download from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Iobit Uninstaller

Click on the button Download for free to start the download, then install it on your PC by always clicking Next in the newly downloaded installer. At the end of the installation, double-click on the Iobit Uninstaller icon to start the program interface.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-50069" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /miglior-software-per-disinstallare-programmi-su-windows-10.jpg” alt=”best software to uninstall programs on windows 10″ width=”600″ height=”414″ data-lazy-/>

You will have all the programs installed on the PC, in the main screen, complete with a search bar at the top to facilitate the search for any software. Once you find the program you want to remove, click on the trash can symbol on the right side of the icon. A window will appear where you can choose whether to create a restore point before uninstalling and whether to automatically start removing the residual files left by the program you intend to uninstall.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-50071" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /iobit-uninstaller-8.jpg” alt=”iobit uninstaller 8″ width=”600″ height=”414″ data-lazy-/>

Select the options you are interested in and click on the bottom Uninstall. Iobit Uninstaller also helps you by dividing the programs to be uninstalled based on the space they occupy on the hard disk, the programs rarely used or recently used, the toolbars and plugins present in the various browsers on the PC, the apps of the Modern interface of Windows 10 and the Windows updates (useful if any of these cause problems). All these items can be found in the left side menu of the program.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-50074" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /menu-laterale-iobit-uninstaller-8.jpg” alt=”side menu iobit uninstaller 8″ width=”316″ height=”457″ data-lazy-/>

The program has other interesting tools that you can use to uninstall programs that are difficult to remove, to clean files from previous uninstallations permanently, so that they cannot be recovered. These tools can be opened by clicking on the toolbox icon at the top and selecting the desired tool.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-50075" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /strumenti-di-iobit-uninstaller-8.jpg” alt=”iobit uninstaller tools 8″ width=”502″ height=”349″ data-lazy-/>

The free version of IObit Uninstaller already offers everything you need to uninstall programs on Windows 10, but the Pro version of the program allows you to obtain the following additional features:

  • Update programs automatically
  • Automatic update of the IObit program
  • Free 24/7 technical support on request
  • Automatically cleans the residues of uninstalled programs
  • Automatically uninstalls harmful plugins
  • Removal of Adware and harmful content while browsing the web
  • Bigger real-time database to remove many more programs

If you are interested in the PRO version of the IObit Uninstaller program you can obtain an annual license of 17 from the following link.

LINK | Buy IObit Uninstaller PRO