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How to see MotoGP 2019 for free on the internet via PC and …

If you are looking for a way to follow the races live offered by the World Championship, in this article I will show you all the methods for see MotoGP for free from your browser, from your TV or from any other device connected to the Internet without paying any subscription, enjoying all the 2019 MotoGP calendar.

If the free solutions have not satisfied you, but I doubt it, you can always choose one of the paid solutions available in the final part of the guide, so you can always see MotoGP anywhere and on any device.

how to see motogp for free on internet pc smartphone

The 2019 MotoGP will start in Qatar on March 10 and end in Valencia on November 17.

Where to see the MotoGP for free 2019

To see the World Championship for free, we will show you 2 different solutions that you can adopt:

  1. The most interesting solution, or RSI LA 2, with which we will be able to see all the races live and with commentary in Italian
  2. Or the most common method, through TV8 where you will be able to see some of the grand prix live on the rest of the deferred part.

1. RSI La2

RSI La2 one of the Italian channels available in Switzerland (for the canton of Ticino, where they speak Italian) and broadcasts a large amount of sporting events for free, including all MotoGP races.

This TV broadcaster streams through its official website, for unfortunately only to users who connect from Switzerland, otherwise you will see a message appear like the one below:

rsi la2 regional block

For, through a small trick you can still see RSI La2, directly from the official website, but this requires the use of oneVPN, with which it is possible to overcome territorial limits e watch MotoGP for free via RSI La2.

First of all get Google Chrome as a web browser; if you have not already done so, download it from here: Google Chrome.Install now on Chrome the free extension HolaVPN, available at the following link:

DOWNLOAD |HolaVPN extension for Google Chrome PC

(This procedure can also be used by those who use an Android smartphone or tablet, only that instead of using the extension above, the Android Hola VPN app must be used).

This extension allows you to integrate a convenient and free VPN service, able to change your IP address and therefore be in Switzerland even if you are in Italy! Once the extension is installed, visit the RSI La2 website reserved for live streaming of sports, reachable at the following link.

LINK | Live Sport RSI La2

The live broadcast will not start because the video is only available in Switzerland; now all you have to do is click on the HolaVPN icon and choose Switzerland as your country.

HolaVPN "width =" 303 "height =" 427 "srcset =" 303w, wp-content / uploads / 2018/01 / HolaVPN-213x300.jpg 213w, 298w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 303px) 100vw, 303px" /></p>
<p>The page will be reloaded and you will be able to see live all the races broadcast by the Swiss channel. If you do not know the schedule of the RSI La2 channel, you can get it quickly by visiting the following site.</p>
<p><strong>LINK |</strong> Schedule RSI La2</p>
<p><strong>If HolaVPN doesn't work or jerky</strong>, to get a more fluid and detailed view you can use one of the services that we recommend in our article on the best VPNs (we recommend <strong>NordVPN</strong> or <strong>CyberGhost</strong>)</p>
<h3><span style=2. TV8

The first method that I can recommend to you is the simplest and most banal one to watch MotoGP for free, using the direct streaming of the TV8 channel, available at the following link.

LINK | TV8 Streaming

This channel, owned by Sky, allows you to watch some live races and other deferred races of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, but also qualifying on Saturday. Tune in to this site to watch the live MotoGP events broadcast by TV8.

Don't you know when the new grand prix will be broadcast? You can always check the schedule of this channel, so that you can tune in advance on live streaming and see the MotoGP for free. The TV8 channel schedule available here.

LINK | TV schedule 8

Do you want to review the grand prizes already broadcast by the issuer? Just open the section Video of the TV8 website and look for MotoGP in the menu Filter by, so as to recover the video highlights with all the best of the races already made. The videos can be reached at the following link.

LINK | MotoGP TV8 video

TV8 MotoGP

How to see the MotoGP for a fee

If the methods offered for free have not convinced you, you can view MotoGP using one of the paid services listed below.

Sky Go

If you are a Sky subscriber and already use the Sport package you can get live streaming on PC or on any other device without having to pay any other euro, all included in your subscription! The Sky Go service allows you to stream sports channels, so you can follow MotoGP wherever you are.

In order to be able to view the live broadcasts, you must first activate the service. Then connect to the Sky website, available below.

LINK | Sky

Click Login at the top right and enter your login credentials. Now that you are in your profile, click on the menu do-it-yourself, then click on Enrich your subscription and finally on the option Sky services. Now all you have to do is locate the service Sky Go and press the button Discover to activate it.

Activate Sky Go

At the end of the activation, all you have to do is connect to the Sky Go website to watch the MotoGP races. The site available at the following link.

LINK | Sky Go

Sky Go

To see MotoGP, just click on the top TV channels, scroll down the page until you find the Sports section and finally start the channel Sky Sport MotoGP, so as to see the races broadcast live and in high definition even when you cannot use the Sky decoder and the TV in the living room.


You don't have Sky but do you want to see MotoGP without using a decoder and parabola? In this case you can watch MotoGP by subscribing to the service NOWTV, Sky-owned ondemand service and functioning without parabola! The service can be activated from the following link.


By choosing the Sport ticket (starting from 6.99) you can enjoy the best of MotoGP in live streaming on PC, smartphone, tablet and TV (via app or NOW TV Box) by renewing the subscription monthly, with no duration restrictions and without penalties (you can stop the payment of the ticket at any time and reactivate it later).

The service also offers a 14-day free trial so that you can try the quality of the service and only decide later on whether or not to pay for the service. The costs of the NOWTV Sport ticket are as follows:

  • 24 hours to 6.99
  • 7 days to 10.99
  • Monthly at 29.99

To subscribe to NOWTV click on the button Test present on the page linked at the beginning of the paragraph, then enter all your required personal data (a payment method may also be required for future renewals; PayPal and credit cards are supported).

Once the account has been created and logged in on the main page (at the top right on Login), simply click on the button Sportpresent in the top bar, select the menu Channels on the air and finally find the channelSkySport MotoGP. If your active ticket you can immediately see live all the motorcycling grand prizes broadcast by Sky.


Another service that you can use to view the MotoGP VideoPass, offered by the official MotoGP website. The service can be used using the following link.

LINK | VideoPass

To subscribe to the service just click on the item VideoPass present on the home page of the site, as shown in the image below.

VideoPass "width =" 793 "height =" 369 "srcset =" 793w, wp-content / uploads / 2018/01 / VideoPass2-300x140.jpg 300w, 768w, https: // www. 600w, 696w "data- lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 793px) 100vw, 793px" /></p>
<p>If you don't have Sky scroll down the page until you find the item I don't have Sky Sport and click on it. A window will open where you can enter all the personal data and the payment method chosen to use the streaming service. The costs to activate the service are as follows:</p>
<li>Pre-season at 24.99</li>
<li>FullPass not Sky Sports customers 209.99</li>
<li>FullPass Sky Sports customers 109.99</li>
<p>Prices are high but the site offers exclusive content, the entire archive of races since the dawn of live television plus interviews, insights and channels dedicated to anyone who loves motors and motorbike racing.</p>