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How to recover deleted photos from any media

Did you accidentally delete the photos that you had kept so carefully on your PC? On your smartphone, do you find yourself deleting the photos you had taken at the birthday party or anniversary?

In these cases do not panic and use one of the programs or apps recommended in this guide for recover photos deleted by mistake.If you act with the right timing you can recover everything without losing even a bit!

: Recover Deleted Photos | How to recover photos from Windows | How to recover deleted photos from Android or iOS

How to recover deleted photos

As I already mentioned in the introduction, timing everything in order to recover deleted photos.

Being fast enough (acting shortly after realizing the accidental deletion) will prevent the hard disk (or the USB stick, or the microSD or any other storage medium used) from reusing the space where the photo was previously, writing other data on it .

To recover photos deleted from a storage medium two scenarios can arise:

  • If you act within a few minutes you can recover practically all photos without any problem, just use the programs and apps recommended below.
  • If you allow time to pass and in the meantime you have saved new files on your device, you risk making it difficult, if not impossible, to recover the "deleted" photos that are still present on the memory medium.

So if you have lost photos, hurry up and use one of the following tools to recover all the photos before the operating system decides to overwrite the space where they were stored.

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How to recover deleted photos from PC (Windows)

From a very simple PC to recover photos deleted by mistake, just rely on the free program PhotoRec, available at the following link (within the TestDisk package).


Once the compressed package has been downloaded, extract the contents to a folder of your choice, then start the "qphotorec_win" program (ie the graphical interface of the program).

Start the program; just select the disk, the USB stick or the microSD card (obviously already connected to the PC) from which to recover the deleted photos in the drop-down menu at the top, select the partition involved in the recovery, select the folder where to save the recovered photos and files ( Browse button) and finally click on "Search".

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The program will immediately start searching for any photo or image on the medium. If the large capacity disk or stick, it may take hours to recover the deleted photos.

In these cases, just leave the PC on and the program will continue to do its recovery work. At the end all the photos will be saved in the folder indicated in the program.

Alternatively, you can refer to the guide for recovering any type of deleted file.

How to recover deleted photos from smartphone

The methods shown work for the restore deleted photos with operating system Android and with iOS (iPhone, iPad).

If you lost your photos while using your smartphone, all you have to do is use one of the programs recommended below based on the operating system installed on the device.

Deleted Photo Recovery (Android)

From Android smartphones, you can use the Deleted Photo Recovery app to try to find deleted photos.

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As soon as it is installed on the device, the internal memory and microSD card will be scanned.

At the end of the process the photos that you had accidentally deleted will be shown, also allowing the restoration to the original path (the photos will reappear in the gallery).

iCloud (iPhone, iPad)

If you have an Apple device, you can immediately check in the gallery inside the "Recently deleted" album, where the operating system saves all the deleted photos for a period of time.

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In case you can't find them you can rely on iCloud backup system, integrated in all iPhones, which allows you to make a copy of the photos on your device.

If you deleted the photo on the iPhone or iPad, its copy will certainly be available in the cloud.