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How to join two or more online video files

Do you need to merge two video clips into one but you never know which program to use? You are in the right guide! In this article, we have collectedthe best sites that allow you to join two videos online without having to install any program and totally free of charge.

In this way, even on other operating systems such as Mac and GNU / Linux you can join two videos online without having to go crazy looking for the right program to perform this simple operation.

At the end of the guide, however, I will show you some valid programs to carry out this operation, so that you can always focus on video editing software if the recommended sites are not able to meet your needs. You will also find a valid guide where you can also retrieve the old Windows Movie Maker!

How to join two videos online: complete guide


One of the sites to try immediately to join videos online for free ACConvert that offers many tools for video processing and editing, including the Merge Video tool that is right for us.

LINK | Merge Video

how to merge two videos online with video merge

Once the site is open, simply click on the "Choose file" button and select the two video files that you intend to join. Alternatively you can also join two videos coming from a web pagebut in this case you will have to select the button first URL then upload the links from which you want to recover the videos.

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When the upload is complete, click the button submit to begin the phase of union of the two videos. At the end of the process, the site will start downloading the new video file which will be the union of both videos uploaded in the previous step.

The upload and download times obviously depend on the speed of the line you are using; if you have a VDSL or better yet a fiber optic connection the whole process will be very fast.

Video Toolbox

Other tool free that you can use online Video Toolbox.

LINK |Video Toolbox

This site requires a free registration to be used. Before doing anything then register for free using the item above registration, an email address and password are sufficient.

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Once logged in, all you have to do is upload the videos to be merged within the site interface and, in the drop-down menu available under the heading Action, select the action Merge files.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter size-full wp-image-37218" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Video-Toolbox-merge.jpg” alt=”Video Toolbox merge” width=”603″ height=”409″ data-lazy-/>

The program will now upload the videos to the platform and merge them. At the end, simply wait for the automatic download of the new video file or click on the button Download to start the download.

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Programs to join videos for free

In addition to these two free sites, you can use one of the programs available in the list below to combine the two videos from your computer and even before uploading them to the Web. The best programs free to join two or more video files are:

These programs are real editor with which you can make all the necessary changes.

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If you want to use the dear and good old man Windows Movie Maker you can also download it on Windows 10 using the steps described in the following guide: Alternatives to Windows Movie Maker Free