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How to disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant the best voice assistant on the market right now. miles ahead of Siri when it comes to functionality or usability. Probably the only voice assistant that has a chance to beat Google Assistant Alexa in the future. I use the Google Assistant daily for information on how to get the weather forecast, check the daily schedule, set reminders and more. Despite being so helpful, Google Assistant has received many flakes in the past due to privacy concerns. It's no secret that Google collects data about us, however, new concerns related to automatic voice recording through the Assistant are something we can't ignore. So if you are someone who is unfamiliar with Google who has all your voice data, here is how you can disable Google Assistant on your Android device:

How to disable Google Assistant on your Android device

Google does not make it easier to disable Google Assistant on your Android device. In fact, if you don't know where to look for it, you won't be able to find the settings yourself . That's why it's so important to have this information available to all our readers. So if you're ready, here's how to disable Google Assistant on your Android device:

  1. First, launch the Google Assistant on your device, then tap the Explore button marked in the following image . On the next page, touch the three-dot menu and then select Settings.

2. Now, in the "Assistant" tab find the "Phone" option and tap on it. At the top, there will be an option that reads "Google Assistant". Turn it off simply by turning off the switch.

Easily disable Google Assistant

I am so sad to see the privacy concerns I have with Google Assistant, as I generally like to use the service. That said, until Google manages to collect data and share policies directly, I can't blame you if you no longer want to deal with Google Assistant. Make a comment below if you encounter problems while following the tutorial. We will be happy to assist you.