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How to connect AirPods on Android

connect AirPods

Apple has done an extremely impressive job of making and releasing hardware and accessories that work best within their ecosystem. Apple Watch and AirPods are two perfect examples of this strategy. The latter, AirPods, could be an Apple-first product, but in reality it can also be paired with an Android smartphone or tablet. If you want to pair AirPods with an Android device, it is worth saying that you will still get an excellent experience thanks to the fact that it is essentially a Bluetooth-based device.

How to pair AirPods on Android

The W1 / H1 chip ensures that the AirPods work harmoniously with Apple's hardware, but this does not absolutely exclude pairing with an Android device. So, if you have decided to purchase these audio devices even if you don't own an iPhone, let's find out the procedure to pair AirPods with an Android smartphone and also make up for some incompatible features such as battery control.

pair AirPods on Android

Step 1: First make sure that the AirPods case is open. On your Android device, scroll down to the notification area, then touch and hold the Bluetooth activation button to directly launch the Bluetooth settings.

Step 2: Make sure that the Bluetooth function is activated and enabled. Go back to the AirPods case and press and hold the Pairing button on the back of the charging case. The included light should turn white.

Step 3: On the Android device, you should now receive a notification showing that AirPods are available for connection. Touch the AirPods item in the list of detected Bluetooth devices and then confirm the connection.

Step 4: Congratulations! Your Apple AirPods are now associated with the non-Apple Android device. You can almost feel Tim Cook shiver.

How to check the battery life of AirPods

One of the most interesting functions of AirPods when they are paired with an Apple device, you can get an immediate status on the battery life of the audio accessories. This is because Apple reports the battery life of a connected device on the Apple device, which is something that does not happen by default with Android. But there is a way to get around it and activate this interesting function.

To do this, just download the free app AirBattery for Android devices from the Play Store. This gives you a pleasant and easy-to-use interface that will give you an immediate view of how much battery exactly left on the connected AirPods.

This app shows the current battery status of the AirPods connected to your Android device, compatible with both the first and second generation or with your Beats by Dr. Dre (Gen 3). You can also activate the gesture that removing the earphones while listening to music on apps such as Spotify or Netflix, the playback of the music stops.