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How to aim the Sky parabola

Have you taken out a subscription to the Sky satellite platform but, after a storm or a blizzard, do you no longer see any channels? Most likely the parabola has moved! In these cases, even a millimeter is enough to make the satellite signal lose, leaving you without a signal and without the possibility of using the Sky subscription you have subscribed to. If you have this or other needs related to the parable, in this guide I will show you how can you point the Sky parabola using the appropriate tools.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a method to orientate the antenna of your television, you can read the guide for the orientation of the TV antenna.

How to aim the Sky parabola

Caution: follow the instructions in this guide only if the parabola is easily accessible (balcony for example), while avoid orienting it if positioned on a dangerous roof. In these cases it is better to call a specialized technician to have it pointed correctly in complete safety.

Where is the satellite located?

The satellite that covers the whole of Italy visible by orienting the parabola towards the south. All the parables for the satellite signal point to the south, as you can easily see by looking at the parables of the neighbors, because in this direction there is the satellite that transmits the Sky contents. even before proceeding you will have to find the geographic South at the point where you have placed the parabola, hoping that there is enough free sky to be able to pick up the signal (there must be no obstacles of any kind, including taller houses than yours).

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This explains why the best place to install the Sky dish on the roof, given the ease with which it is possible to find the South and the ease of orientation.If you have the parabola on the balcony you will have to hope that the latter points towards the South and there are no obstacles, otherwise you may face technical difficulties. A useless north facing balcony, while east or west balconies may require metal extensions to properly view the satellite.

Use the compass

Once you have brought the parabola to the point where you want to fix it, the moment to find the South. You don't need to buy a compass, but you can simply use the compass integrated in any modern smartphone! If you want to find the South I recommend you download one of the following apps free, both for Android and for iPhone.

DOWNLOAD | iPhone versionor Android version

Many smartphones integrate a compass app within their operating systems (the case of Apple's iOS) and you just have to use it for the purpose.

Orient the phone until you see the South.

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Now you will have to orient the parabola to find the absolute precision Sky satellite; to do you will need a Sat Finder.

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Use the Sat Finder

The Sat Finder is a device capable of capturing the satellite signal and showing it in a meter, complete with an acoustic signal (a buzzing, whistling or rustling sound is emitted when the satellite is found). Given that the parabola must be oriented both horizontally and vertically, the use of a mandatory Sat Finder to obtain the perfect signal. You can find various models with variable price, one on offer available below.

Once purchased, all you have to do is connect it, hooking the cable coming from the parabola to the doorTo LNB, while the cable from the home decoder to the door To REX.

Orient the Sky parabola with the Sat Finder

To orient the Sky parabola follow these instructions:

  • Leave the decoder on and connected.
  • Connect all the cables to the Sat Finder as shown, you should hear a whistle.
  • Adjust the dB (potentiometer) knob towards the center slowly (as if you wanted to adjust the volume in half).
  • As soon as the whistle disappears, lift the parabola upwards slowly. As soon as you hear the whistle again and the hand splashes to the right, turn the dB knob slightly to the left (as if you wanted to turn down the volume) until the whistle becomes medium intensity. Make all the height adjustments until the whistle becomes bearable (medium intensity) and the indicator shows maximum power.
  • Now, without losing the vertical orientation obtained, put the dB knob back in the center (average volume).
  • Move the dish to the right or left until you hear the whistle.
  • Reduce the volume with the dB knob and orient the parabola until you find the signal at maximum power (hand to the right) and the whistle does not reach an average intensity.

Can't find the satellite? Does the Sat Finder change despite pointing the parabola towards the South? Maybe you have to change the angle of the dish, which varies according to altitude. To find out where the satellite you are looking for (HOT BIRD 13 east) you can use the following site: Dishpointer

It will suffice to insert the home address or the name of your city and the satellite of your interest (EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13) to find the right orientation.