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How LiveTree is simplifying the distribution of films using Blockchain

The main sore point for independent or budding directors is the distribution. I mean, if you are a director, you would know that getting movies, TV or any other video content on a fairly difficult screen is because there are various problems associated with the current content distribution process. Right now, filmmakers have to meet various distributors or sales managers, negotiate complex deals, manage internal connections, and it all comes down to shares of up to 35%. Now, not really a win for an independent director. Well, here comes LiveTree with its new "Adept" platform, which aims to solve problems related to the distribution of films using Blockchain.

How LiveTree "Adept" simplifies the distribution of films

LiveTree is one of the established names when it comes to financing film and television projects having already funded over 150 film and television projects and recently recently introduced their new "Adept" platform. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, LiveTree Adept the first blockchain-based film financing platform and brings about a change that will surely attract budding filmmakers.

So the question: how does LiveTree Adept simplify film distribution? Well, Adept will use the blockchain to manage and license the rights if a movie or TV project. With Adept, LiveTree wants to decentralize traditional distribution methods, in addition to bypassing the main corporate distribution channels. Creators using Adept will be able to use three ways to distribute their project:

Blossom TV a new online channel distributed by LiveTree, which has a subscription similar to Netflix and allows users to pre-pay for content or even pre-fund content they want to create.

LiveTree also offers a traditional broadcast model, intended for legacy broadcasters and emerging video-on-demand platforms . Since LiveTree has an evaluation system open on its platform, distributors for the above mentioned platforms can choose the content that they may wish to show.

  • Online streaming and aggregation platforms

Finally, LiveTree will use online video streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. To make sure first-time creators reach consumers easily.

Now, all of these distribution methods pay only 2.5% of the fees paid through the Seed token, unlike traditional distribution sales executives, where creators have to pay almost 35% in commissions.

Projects launched through LiveTree Adept

A number of projects have already been launched through LiveTree's new Adept platform. C ' "The Buy In", a television game broadcast on Blossom TV, with LiveTree working to get the show on traditional platforms. The show shows the best uses of Blockchain technology in the world and consumers through the use of tokens may have an interest in the technologies they watch on the show. Not fantastic?

There is also "Decentralized" in the works, which will be filmed later this year and interpreter Amari Cheatom (protagonist of films such as Django Unchained, Love Under New Management, The Story of Miki Howard, Night Catches Us) who plays a young economics professor who learns on Blockchain while being skeptical about technology.

How to support Adept projects?

LiveTree will not only solve the problem of distributing a film, but will also increase the chances of a film being supported through crowdfunding. Unlike the usual crowdfunding campaigns, where supporters receive a gift, crowdfunding campaigns via Livetree Adept will also be a great victory for supporters. If a person supports a director through Adept, he will be able to profit when the film hits the box office. a victory for everyone.

So if you are interested in supporting film and television projects on LiveTree Adept, you can do it through a digital token called LiveTree Seed for which the quantity has been fixed. However, its value changes based on demand. In addition, LiveTree allows you to sell or Seeds for profit. For example, the LiveTree Seed token sale started on January 31 and now there are 17 days left to buy a seed. Well, if you want to support some good TV and film projects through LiveTree, go ahead and buy a seed.

Buy LiveTree seed here (Price: 0, 001 ETH = 1 seed token)