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Here's how to play basketball on Messenger

Playing the basket via chat: after chess, a new game on Messenger. Here's how to unlock it


Means strike? Row at the checkout? the right time to make two shots to the basket. You have already warmed up by chatting, don't worry. Here the new game available on Messenger: after sending the emojia in the shape of a basketball to some friend, double click on it: the basket appears and you will be a basketball player by chance.

The goal is obviously to score more points than the opponent: to make everything more difficult, after the top ten the backboard of the basket will begin to move, and after twenty it will move even faster. Once the game is over, the friend challenged in chat receives a notification of the score and an invitation to play.

Basketball on Messenger

So, after chess, for the more dynamic souls – so to speak – the basketball tournament arrives via Messenger. The real drama that it also works in group chatsso the challenge may never end.


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