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HERE Maps abandons Windows 10

After being an integral part of the Windows Phone offering, the former Nokia maps abandon the operating system

(Photo: HERE)(Photo: HERE)

Not just any app, the latest one that is about to abandon Windows 10 and its smartphone counterpart. This is HERE Maps, the cartography and navigation app that has been one since the years of Windows Phone 7 an integral part of the smartphone offer made in Redmond; the first free suite to offer turn-by-turn navigation on smartphones even without the need for an Internet connection.

The announcement was given by the company itself with a post on its blog: by March 29 the team will pull the plug on the distribution of the app on the Windows 10 store. The majority of users who still use Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to use the app until it updates the operating system, which Microsoft plans to distribute in the coming weeks anyway.

Over time the suite HERE had progressively separated itself from the Windows world: the service was initially an integral part of Nokia's activities, and at the time of the alliance between the two giants the maps were exclusive to Lumia smartphones (and subsequently all Windows Phones) under the name Nokia Maps; during Microsoft's acquisition of the Finnish group's device division, the cartographic business had remained out of the agreement and under the aegis of Nokia had started to offer itself on the Android and iOS market; with HERE's final move from Nokia to the Audi-BMW-Daimler consortium independence from Redmond was no longer questionable either.

Windows users, however, will not be left without maps: the softwareBing, tightly integrated with the operating system, now 100% active, and the data on which it is based are however those of HERE, which licenses them to Microsoft, Facebook and many other subjects .


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