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Google Maps now also includes ride sharing

New feature for the Google Maps mobile app that lets you know which ride sharing service can bring us to our destination

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For some two years in some countries, when Google Maps users search for a destination, they have also seen the cost applied by Uber to cover the journey. Now Google starts the rollout in other countries and extends the service to other ride sharing, delivering Uber to the competition. The participating companies are for the moment: Gett (United Kingdom), Hailo (United Kingdom and Spain), MyTaxi (Germany and Spain) and, outside Europe, 99Taxis (Brazil) and Ola Cabs in India, where Uber is investing hundreds of millions to acquire market.

This feature will be activated in days with the release of the new version of the Google app, to be able to use it, it will also be necessary to have installed the applications of the related ride sharing services on the device. No longer just Uber and, on the contrary, users will be able to decide which service to use by evaluating the distance of the cars and the advanced economic demand.

It is a move that Big G intends to do also conquer iOS users (there are no versions for Windows devices) and launch an EU antitrust signal, which targets Mountain View claiming to always draw water to its mill, opening investigations on Android and Google shopping. Accusations that Big G has always rejected by stressing that it is committed to promoting free competition. This seems to be proof in favor, considering that Google has invested, through the subsidiary Google Ventures (today GV), nearly $ 400 million in Uber.

Nothing is known about the possibility of extending this function to Italy, where MyTaxi is already present.


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