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Get back in shape after the holidays, thanks to the apps

Returning to work after the holidays can be trauma. After binges and naps, resume the difficult everyday routine, but the apps help us

Get back in shapeafter the holidays it can be a difficult and returning to the job a trauma .. After the big binges, the naps, the trips and the forgotten phone, resume the routine everyday with its difficulties makes many exclaim I don't want to go back to workAgain, technology helps us by simplifying some of the practices that make stress less stressful return to work after the holidays.

Get back in shape after the holidays

The first thing to do to get back to work well to accept that holidays are over: let's give up. It is useless to get stressed by complaining or imagining having other holidays or even looking at the calendar to see the next bridge to be used. There are many things that can be done to make the less stressful return to work. If you are wonderinghow to deal with the return to work after the holidays, here you can find some technological answers.

Getting back to work after the holidays: diet

During the holidays you have gone too far with food? Well everyone does, but joining a drastic diet on returning to work can be harmful. The diet is still a source of stress and associate it with the stress of return from vacation not a great idea to soften the return to work. Better to take the opportunity to improve your eating habits. There are many apps that I can help you with in this task.

My FitnessPal

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Go back to work and keep fit by checking your diet with My FitnessPal

My FitnessPal a great classic among food diaries and one of the most popular calorie counters. The best way to lose weight and keep it forever to simply keep track of the foods you eat. Lapp integrates with fitness apps. Install it one step towards a healthier return to work. Update: attention after the theft of data of 150 million users, it is better to change the App password.

Noom Coach

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Going back to work and going on a diet can be stressful, better to change your eating habits

Lapp Noom Coach not only aims at weight loss, but also at increasing the consumption of foods rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruit. The basic idea is to make healthy eating fun as a video game, the gamification of the diet. Lapp divides foods into three categories: green, yellow and red. Green foods are those that satiate with low calories and which should be the main basis of the diet: vegetables, whole grains, fruit, some types of dairy products. The yellow foods are those that must not be completely avoided but have more calories than what is believed, they must be taken but in moderation: they are refined cereals, packaged foods, dairy products. Red foods are the ones to avoid. For iOS and Android

Edo now you know what you eat

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Back to work: choose healthy eating habits and products

Edo unapp that reads food labels. Just scan the barcode to know exactly what that food contains to know better what you eat and choose consciously. Edo tells you how healthy for you with a score from 0 to 10.

Return to work after leferias: sleep

During the holidays you sleep a little more, you allow yourself afternoon naps, in short, you alter the usual rhythm of sleep. Go back to work involves the resumption of the usual times and if the body unaccustomed may not sleep well. To improve sleep in the return to work after the holidays gradually reset the alarm clock to the usual time and monitor your sleep.


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Go back to work and wake up well with AlarMon

AlarmMon a customizable alarm clock (included by Google among the best Android apps of 2017). It can sound annoying or light, or even silent: you can choose between a noisy alarm clock, an alarm clock with games or videos or a voice or even wake up with a song. You can set the alarm clock with news of the day, if you want to start the day informed; or with the weather. It also records alarm clock data to track the time of awakening and overall sleep. The back to work it will be easier with a better alarm. Also for iOS.

Sleep Time

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Go back to work sometimes associated with sleep disturbances, better monitor it

Sleep Time unapp that can be used as a complete system for sleep analysis and as an intelligent alarm clock. It allows you to fall asleep with a background music and uses an algorithm to program the awakening at the best time. The analysis of the wake-sleep cycle is very detailed. It will allow you to quickly understand if returning to work has had a negative influence on sleep.

How to deal with the first day of work after holidays: Clean the desk

When back to work after a holiday the hardest thing to resume the routine, to make it a good habit to clean the desk, put things back in place, archive, make room for new things and new ideas. You can tidy up the physical desk and the virtual desk, the desktop of PCs and smartphones.


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Go back to work and tidying up the desktop helps tidying up ideas

Rainmeter a Windows application that allows you to customize every aspect of the desktop. You can use the preset templates or create your own ideal desktop.


This is a multifunction utility for Mac to check the boot disk and the system file structure, to perform various maintenance and cleaning activities, to configure the parameters in the Finder, in the Dock, in Safari and in some Apple applications, to empty the cache and more.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities a software for the cleaning the pc and to keep your disks neat and efficient. It is a collection of tools that work together to improve the health and performance of the computer. The Disk Cleanup tool can be used to free up space, while the Clear Tracks and Temporary File Cleanup features both help maintain privacy and security. For a return to orderly work.

SD Maid, for Android

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How to deal with the first day of work after leferias: cleaning the desktop (even android) helps you tidy up (even mentally). A good way to get back to work

SD Maid an app to clean up Andorid phones. Not only does it delete temporary and cached files, system temporary files, duplicate files and superfluous items, it also sweeps away orphaned files, i.e. those left lying around by the various applications installed and then deleted.

How to deal with the return to work after the holidays: have fun

The fun disappeared together with the holidays this comes to think when we return to work after a period of vacation. Not so, immediately plan a pleasant activity at the restart: sign up for a course, buy a book or plan a trip.

The Fork

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Go back to work and plan beautiful activities such as those carried out during the holidays

The Tripadvisor app to book restaurants is more than 9,000 and it also allows you to save money. Maybe after the holidays choose a restaurant attentive to lightness. But booking an outing with friends or with your own half immediately after returning to work is certainly a pleasant activity that will make your return to routine less bitter.

Second Chef

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Going back to the routine can be sad, organize something fun immediately

Second Chef allows you to organize a gourmet dinner at home with the best chef available: you. The app offers everything you need to prepare your menu as a true chef: original recipes; fresh and quality ingredients, delivered in the right doses to avoid unnecessary waste; deliveries at the time and day you prefer. All that remains is to invite guests and cook.


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Back to work after the leferias: better to plan fun activities immediately

Plan a weekend immediately after return to work a good way to fight stress. Agoda unapp to search and book hotels at affordable prices. Agoda is an ideal, complete travel companion. It integrates perfectly with the calendar, maps, phone. The Agoda app saves the voucher, details and maps directly to your mobile phone to make check-in and travel easy even without a printer.

Return to work after the holidays: Physical activity

Moving is good there is no doubt and doing it after a very useful rest period to find the right physical and mental energies returning from vacationThere are many fitness apps, you just have to be spoiled for choice if you want to keep fit for your return to work.


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Going back to work and getting back to work without any special tools with Sworkit

Sworkit is a fitness app that allows you to do exercises of different difficulty without using tools. Excellent for get in shape before going back to work


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Going back to work and training, you can help yourself with the Endomondo App

Endomondo one of the most complete and accurate apps for physical activity. Ideal for those who run, cycle or practice other outdoor sports. It keeps track of the route, distance, speed, rhythm and in the premium version it also includes a personal trainer to always have with you even in the difficult moments of returning to work.


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Go back to work after the holidays and keep fit with Strava

One of the best made apps, ideal for those who are serious. Riders and cyclists who love competition will love Strava, because it compares your performance with those of other users who have raced and cycled on the same paths.


get back to work in shape

Get back to work after the holidays: keep fit with the apps

Don't be fooled by the name: Runtastic. Runtastic PRO it tracks much more than just running, also ideal for cycling, hiking, skiing and kayaking, and offers a great deal of information about your activities and routes.